If you are thinking about becoming a Von Schrader Carpet Cleaning Associate,
here are some of the questions that might cross your mind. We think the
answers will help you in your decision.

There are three main reasons. Higher income. Job security. And personal satisfaction. Here is a way to be your own boss, set your own hours, be in control of your own successful future.

 Absolutely not! Von Schrader Associates can start out part-time, keeping their regular jobs. They work evenings or weekends, setting their own time. When their carpet cleaning business grows large enough, many decide to go into it full-time, because they can be their own boss, set their own hours and make more money.y.

One of the great things about this business is that you need no previous experience or training in carpet cleaning. We show you everything you need to know to run a successful, money-making cleaning business of your own. Age, sex or race is not a factor. We even offer a tuition-free optional training school and a purchase discount offer should you wish to attend.

    • We suggest you use the carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment in your own home as your first job. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to use. The Operating Manual and DVD are extremely easy to follow. And you’ll be amazed at how clean, how bright and fresh your carpet and upholstery looks – like new! Invite your relatives, friends and neighbors in to see the results. That should get you started and you will be on your way. Incidentally – you don’t need a truck or van. All carpet and upholstery cleaning machines are easily transported in a standard automobile.

That depends on you-the time you’re willing to spend, whether you hire service people to work for you, and so forth. But to give you some guidelines, it’s not uncommon for Von Schrader Associates to earn $50 an hour or more on a job. Many report earnings of $300-$400 or more a day.

Believe it or not, a modest investment puts you in business. Compare that to typical competitors you’ll find one offering a franchise charges ten times as much! You don’t even have to send any money to get started, if you have Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover. We can simply charge it to your account.

Although the cost of going into business with Von Schrader is just a fraction of what some others charge, you may still need some help getting started. If you qualify, Von Schrader can help finance you with our generous Time Payment Plan. You can spread your payments out over a year or more. You don’t even have to pay any credit card interest if you make your monthly payments on time, because we will bill the amount due each month. Your carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs should easily cover this cost and provide you with plenty of extra income besides.

Then you’re typical. Most Von Schrader Associates have never sold anything either. And they don’t consider themselves salespeople. This is the type of business where service is what counts. And if you do a good job one place, the word gets around and cleaning business will come to you.

Again, that’s not at all unusual. For all practical purposes we put you in business! Von Schrader gives you everything you need, including step-by-step materials we have developed over the years. Backing you every step of the way is the combined experience to thousands of Von Schrader Associates. Equally important to you is our professional home-office business and marketing staff. Most of these experts have come up through the ranks. You see, we have been helping people build successful carpet cleaning businesses of their own for over 75 years. Not only in every state in the United States, but in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and throughout the Pacific.

The best source of business is in your own community. Every home, every apartment! Plus every business establishment – offices, banks, clubs, restaurants, stores, hotels, motels, hospitals, churches, schools, department stores, banquet and meeting halls, shopping centers, cocktails lounges, auditoriums, funeral homes, beauty shops, dress shops, nursing homes, government buildings, jewelers, real estate agencies, movie theaters, you name it! Most Associates start out with friends and neighbors and when these people see the results they give you referrals. The business just seems to snowball!

Nobody … and I mean nobody gives you the type of help you get from Von Schrader. Not just in getting you set up and into business for yourself, but we give you guidance and answer every one of your questions on an individual and personal basis for as long as you are a Von Schrader Associate! You can call us any work day. We encourage you to do it. Call as often as you want, as many times as you want. There is no time limit on this valuable service. And there is never a charge.

 The brushes in both the Von Schrader Carpet Extractor and Upholstery Extractor can be compared to the softest hand brushes. They are gentle to fabrics, yet thorough in cleaning. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning machines cannot harm fragile or delicate materials.

Never! Unlike others in this field, Von Schrader doesn’t take one penny from your profits in the way of franchise percentages or any other type of fees. You keep all the money for yourself! Others charge you as much as 5% to 10% of what you earn. That’s a lot of money! You end up in business for them instead of yourself! Those franchise fees can make a big, big difference in your total annual income! Furthermore, with a franchise, there are strings attached to the ownership of your cleaning equipment! You have to read the fine print in their contracts before you find this out.

Von Schrader is one of the best-known and most highly respected names in the cleaning equipment field. Our equipment has been used for years by cleaning professionals and maintenance service departments of convention centers, civic centers, airports, universities, Amtrak, Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Motel 6, Veterans Memorial Coliseum, exhibition centers, resorts and casinos … and many more.Von Schrader is affiliated with: International Sanitary Supply Association, Council on the Continuing Education Unit, Racine Area Manufacturers, Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, the WOOLSAFE Organization, and Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association.

There are three ways.

1) You can come and visit us in Racine, Wisconsin

2) You can request a DVD

3) We can arrange for you to speak with another Von Schrader Associate. Call us and ask for details.

YES! It’s what we call your 2-way assurance of satisfaction. 1. You have our 30 day performance guarantee that all carept and upholstery equipment will perform as advertised and/or stated in all literature, or you can return it and get your money back. 2. We give you a full 1 year warranty covering parts and labor on all cleaning equipment.