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The Von Schrader Two-way Assurance of Satisfaction

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Von Schrader

Your satisfaction is our priority

Your 30-Day “No Quibble” Money-Back Guarantee

The Von Schrader Company guarantees that your Von Schrader carpet cleaning equipment will perform as advertised or you may return it within 30 days. Just contact our customer service department and ship all materials and equipment back to us at your expense. Upon receipt and inspection of the cleaning equipment, we’ll provide you with replacement equipment or a full refund… your choice.

Your 1 Year Warranty of All Parts and Labor

1 Year Cleaning Equipment WarrantyIf, within one year of the original purchase, any part of your carpet or upholstery cleaning machine is found to have a defect in materials or workmanship, the Von Schrader Company (or an authorized agent) will repair or replace the machine at no cost to you.

Cleaning PromiseFor complete details on the Von Schrader Money-back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty, please contact Von Schrader customer service at 800-626-6916 or complete our online contact form.

Cleaning PromiseAt Von Schrader, we are fanatical about product quality and customer service. This is why we test every cleaning machine that goes out the door, not 1 out of 5 or 5 out of 10, but every single product is thoroughly inspected and tested before it is shipped to our customers.

checkWe believe that when you purchase a piece of equipment from Von Schrader, you own a reliable product that will perform and deliver the results you and your customers expect.

The equipment and system is superior to any other carpet cleaning system. When I go to do a job, I know that my customer will be satisfied.

– Bob Thatcher
Tender Touch Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

When we went to Racine and saw the machine demonstrated, we were sold and wanted to take it home and get going. The machine is just that good.

– Robert Chase

The machinery is the best. You won’t find better carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment.

– Kremarti Bailey

The equipment is top notch. My customers are happy, extremely happy. I rarely get called back to a home for complaints. It’s not like steam cleaning at all which over wets the carpet and stains come back again and again.

– John Curte

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