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Von Schrader School Testimonials

Students rave about the Von Schrader School

Von Schrader Cleaning Associates

“It was worth the trip just to hear the special report on cleaning stain resistant fibers. With all the new stain resist fibers coming on the market, we need to stay informed.”

– John Shaffer, NY

“I’ve been to many seminars on many different subjects, but this has been by far the most informational of any I’ve attended.”

– Randy Grimes, IL

“Just got back from VS School. I only was able to attend the school portion of the convention.

What I saw was a company that cares! Let’s face it, when you buy pretty much any piece of equipment in pretty much any industry – that’s the end of the transaction. No follow up, you’re on your own buddy.

But in Orlando I was impressed by the fact that Herb, Mark and Jorge from VS put on an in-depth school. It covered basic carpet construction, chemistry of cleaning, methods, upholstery cleaning, and marketing. It was basic but very accurate and good for the newbies. The marketing portion was especially right on the money. They really want the folks who use their products to be successful. That’s what impressed me most.

At any rate I was impressed by the expense and effort that VS put out for the sake of a small group of students in attendance. Heck, the course manual itself is this huge binder of valuable info. Covers all the basics that IICRC does, but it’s geared to the VS user. In my 19 years in the cleaning industry, I’ve never seen a company give so much to folks who bought such an inexpensive machine.”

– Rick

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Von Schrader Cleaning School

Cleaning Upholstery

“Everything in this letter is the unadulterated truth.

I’ll always be grateful to you, Von Schrader, and your staff. Attending your school was about the best decision I ever made.

Being able to clean, spot dye, do the upholstery or dye the entire carpet, enables me to walk all over the competition. My estimates are 90% fruitful.

It’s been less than a year since I graduated and all of the equipment has been paid for from the business.

I really can’t believe how well things have gone. Thank you again. Please send my regards to your entire staff.”

– Marty

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