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Von Schrader Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

Read some of the great things our Associates are writing to us:

I don’t know what to say. We even surprised ourselves this week. Got 2 calls from the same area to pick up some Orientals and Braided Area Rugs, clean them and bring them back. My total cost for Gas/Labor (2 guys) and Supplies was about $175. When I returned them, they told me to see their neighbor, because she had an area rug to be cleaned. When it was over, MY PROFIT from this one project, for only about 5 hours of work, was an amazing $1,200.00.


All I can say is HOLY COW! Please share this with anyone or in any way you’d like. Thanks again for your fabulous technical and overall support.

– Lou Puccio
T4HC Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Arrow Carpet ServiceMy Dad, who is now 88, had a very bad stroke back on January 14, 2011. He was living with my wife Janet & I in Drexel Hill, PA until we left for Baguio City in the Philippines on April 25, 2012. I really had no plans to retire this early, but my Dad wasn’t sure he would physically be able to stand this long trip here if we waited much longer.

For over 32 years I was a Von Schrader Associate & there was never a moment that I ever regretted it! What I miss most was looking forward to everyday serving many very nice clients, with many becoming good friends as well.

One client in particular said to me, “If I get someone as good as you, I’ll be at least half as satisfied!” It has been a very long time since I recieved shipment of my 1st VS Carpet Cleaning Machine, A Black VS Carpet Deterger on November 14th, 1978. I’m so glad that I had my newest VS LMX & my 2004 Model Esprit shipped to me here in the Philippines.

My Dad, wife Janet & I just love it here. Baguio city is the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The weather here is the most comfortable in all of The Philippines, unlike the Lowlands which is always very hot & humid most of the time. Retirement here is just like Saturday & Sunday every day of the week! It is truly paradise here & so much to see in over the 7,000 Islands of The Philippines. There are a lot of Americans that have decided to also retire here. We see them every time we go into town or to the SM Mall Baguio.

Mark, tell everyone at Von Schrader that I appreciate the fact that you have always been there for me in support or if I ever had an issue with my VS equipment or technical assistance.

Dave “Hurricane” Sawyer
Arrow Carpet Service

Roberts Carpet & UpholsteryI love everything about being a Von Schrader Associate and NAVSA member! Each time I meet with a prospective client, I show them my “brag book”. When they see testimonials from people they know, it practically guarantees the job. They are amazed when they see the before and after photos.

I am finishing a job tomorrow  for a new client who is currently still in Florida. Their housekeeper (whom I know) contacted me. I’ve never met the family yet I was given the approval to clean ALL the Oriental carpet in their home – 15 rugs of various sizes, plus 16 Oriental carpeted stairs and landing. Total quoted and accepted price – $1,270.80. Total cleaning time will not exceed 16 hours for an hourly rate of $79.37! It cost me zero dollars to get this client. Where else can I make an income like this, enjoy my work, ensure my clients are happy and satisfied, and wake up feeling great each day? Only by being an Authorized Von Schrader Associate!!

Thank you to all for your continued support over the years.

Chuck Roberts
Roberts Carpet & Upholstery Care

Three years ago, I moved my carpet cleaning business to North Carolina from Illinois. The competition in NC is vicious. I could always do a superior job with my Von Schrader Machines, but the competition was driving my prices farther down than what I was used to up North.

I found a nice profitable niche down here though. I received a call a couple years ago from a district manager for a Wendy’s restaurant chain in this area. It was a random call from my yellow page ad. He said he was approaching a number of carpet cleaning companies, and he would like for us to send him a bid. I sent him a nice looking presentation that I had put together, using some materials I had from Von Schrader.

The manager was impressed enough to give us a opportunity to show him what we could do. We came in and gave the carpet a nice cleaning. We did three of his restaurants that night. The next day I received a call from him, saying that all three of his store managers called, raving about the job we did.

This process is superior to any other method of cleaning for this colorful carpeting. It gets the grease up and brings back vibrancy that you wouldn’t imagine.

I’ve attached some pics of our first cleaning.

We began by using two LMX machines, but soon picked up a MACH 12 to help out with speed. Now, I take my son with me. I run the MACH 12 and he runs an LMX. We can go in, put up all the chairs, move the tables off the floor, clean the carpet and put everything back in about an hour. Last week we had it down to 40 minutes a store, start to finish. We are making more than an attorney per hour. Smile.

Needless to say we got the business in all twelve of their stores on a four week rotation. They have been customers of ours now for over two years. I can work one night a week and pull down over $2400 monthly. I know I could get all the business I want if I would approach other franchise owners in this venue.

An interesting side note here. One of the store managers wanted to re-arrange some of the booths in one of the restaurants. I knew it would take four people to move the things. I called a friend of mine to help push them around. He was a steam cleaner who owed me a favor. I thought I would like to see the difference between what he could do and what I could do with the Von Schrader machines. I told him I was running behind a little and, since he already had his truck there, could he help me clean the carpet. He said sure and off we were.

He had a brand new $50,000 high pressure, super vacuum steam cleaner in the back of his van. He dragged all his hoses out, hooked everything up and started to clean. I whispered to my son to get one of my Von Schrader machines ready. I chuckled. I fired ‘er up and cut a path straight across a section of floor that the steamer had already cleaned. My buddy stopped dead in his tracks. The look in his eyes was like he had seen a ghost. He couldn’t believe how much cleaner we got the carpet. I just smiled, knowing my nominal investment into my equipment was more than worth the price.

Herb, just pass this on to your guys. This could be a very profitable niche for them. If any one would like to see more pics, feel free to contact me. There is plenty business to go around.

A Master’s Touch
–Terry Bauer (retired Von Schrader Associate)

ComparisonI wanted to send you a couple of my, “Before & After” pics to be enterd into your contest…I hope I’m not too late! In the first set of pics, I “zoomed” in a bit too much on the “after” pic, but if you look closely you can tell that it is the same hallway…talk about a nasty job!!! One of the many reasons I love Von Schrader! At times I’m still amazed at the fantastic job the lmx is capable of!! Thanks Herb, for the continued support I get from you and the rest of your staff. You guys truly are the BEST! I know I’m just a “little” fish in a big sea of carpet cleaners but…I truly love what I do and I have the utmost faith in my machines and in Von Schrader…THANK YOU!

Take good care!

Bonnie Cole

JC CleaningI started my carpet and upholstery cleaning business in February 2009. Mark demonstrated the LMX Carpet Extractor and I bought it for myself for my birthday. A month later I purchased the Esprit Carpet Extractor. Carpet cleaning is a great business. Even though mine is only part time, the extra cash is great. My father-in-law, John, has come out of retirement to work with me. We are convinced that the LMX and Esprit are safe, fast, and easy-to-use. Thanks to the VS staff, which keeps us informed with the latest cleaning techniques, procedures, and free classes, JC’s is becoming well established in our community.

– Joly Castellanos

JC’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

My name is Dewey Mallory. I’m from the farm country of central Michigan. I have worked at General Motors for 30 years. I retired in 1989. I am now 74 years of age. I have been a Von Schrader Associate for the past 36 years. I started part time with a Von Schrader Carpet Deterger in the trunk of my car. Now I drive an SUV with my name on the sides… and buy a new one every year. Times are terrible. There is no place worse than the state of Michigan as far as I’m concerned. This is not the case for carpet cleaners. I am busy 7 days a week. This is the perfect time to be a carpet cleaner. I am as busy as I want to be. I love this job. I even dream about it. I never get in a hurry on a job. If a customer offers me a cup of coffee, with conversation, I accept and pause. I don’t advertise… just word of mouth. One exception… I placed a small ad in our weekly paper. Why? Because the editor called me explaining that if I did not advertise, he would have to run ads for me… because he gets calls from readers who are wondering how to find me. I only charge 14 cents per square foot. I am probably the lowest price around, but I work alone, so I make money at that price. I can make $1,000 a week easily. Not bad for 74 years old. Everybody’s house needs cleaning. There’s always work available. I love it.

– Dewey

I got a call from a lady the other day who had some very dirty carpets. Her VERY LARGE dog basically ran the household and his dirty traffic patterns were deeply embedded. The house smelled like an outdoor doghouse. Honestly, I thought there’s no way this carpet could clean. When I passed over the area with the first couple of passes, it only cleaned slightly. Then I pre-sprayed with the UPHOLSTERY pre-spray (cause that’s all I had), raked it in, then went over it again… and honest to goodness the blasted carpet looked brand new. I thought the lady was going to kiss me. On top of that, she loved the smell the pre-spray left. $400 for two hours. Awesome!

– Tony

I just started my cleaning business with a Von Schrader upholstery machine and carpet cleaner. I had my first job today and the pay I received in only 4 hours of work was equivalent to over 1/2 a weeks pay of my normal 40hr job. I honestly cannot think of any other job that you can make that kind of money on without having a college education. This system is for real, not another one of those “get rich quick” schemes that seems too good to be true. You truly get exactly what is promised, a fun way to make a lot of money and a way to get out of your dead beat go nowhere 40 hour job that is making the big money for somebody else, why not let that person be you?

– Jonathan

These machines are actually worth their weight in gold! They run for years without breaking down, and if you ever need parts or advice you can call Von Schrader Technical Department. They will help you and answer all of your questions. No matter how many times you call they are NEVER rude or unprofessional.

– Jim

During the 1980’s, Von Schrader equipment was the backbone of my cleaning business. Because it did such a terrific job, I was able to raise my two children on the income from that business. (I started the business in 1982 during a recession that nearly shut down the town where I lived.) Thank you.

Just wanted to let you all know how much I do appreciate all the support and advice I have received after becoming a Von Schrader associate. There is no company I know that backs there associates up like your company does, its one of the main reasons I chose to become an associate with Von Schrader.

This is the best opportunity a military wife with 2 children and a husband always on the move can have. I can have my business anywhere.

I am grateful that your company offers this opportunity to become an associate and to better your life without ongoing franchise fees or any fees of any sort after equipment is purchased and ongoing support as long as you own your equipment. I love the fact that with your company I can expand my business and offer more services at any point. Keep up the good work.


In 1997, I was sitting in a local lube shop getting my oil changed wondering how I could make a little extra money on the side. It just so happened that sitting on the side table was a copy of Entrepreneur magazine. As I browsed through the magazine I noticed an ad for the VonSchrader Company. The ad looked very similar to what you have on your website. As I looked it over, I thought I would talk about this with my wife and see what she thought of my new idea to make a little extra cash on the side. I went home and discussed it with her that evening. She felt it was a good idea and that if I thought I could do it, to go ahead and invest the money in my own business. I called the next day and ordered the VersaTile wall and ceiling cleaning system. This was about February of ’97.

While I waited for my equipment to arrive, I went ahead and started calling on businesses and business owners in the area to see what kind of interest I could generate. To my surprise, it was a big success. The business owners and managers thought it was a good idea if they could clean what they already had rather than having to deal with the fuss and commotion of replacing ceiling tiles . I’ve cleaned hotels, fast food chains, and have been in negotiations with major department stores. The little business that I started as a side job back in February of 1997 blossomed into a full blown business equaling that which I made at my regular job, and in less time. It completely took me by surprise that this little side business that I started, with only about a month of training, could bring in the income that was the equivalent for me to what I was making at my regular job that I had trained two years for.

It is a very simple and easy process. I work more in the preparation stage of the job, so that I don’t have hard work to do cleaning up after I’ve completed the job. The equipment does all the hard work for you. Together, the detergent and the equipment do a fantastic job of cleaning ceilings. The difference is clear.

The owner of a restaurant I cleaned recently wrote me a letter from his point of view as a business owner, as to why it just makes sense to clean and maintain what you have rather than having to go to the costly expense of replacement. He is well pleased and has been for the past thirteen years. I clean his ceiling both in the dining area, as well as the kitchen.

Brian SelfThis picture is of my wife and I after we made “a little extra money” that allowed us to go on a little cruise. The bottom line is, if people feel that there is no money in cleaning ceilings, that is fine by me . I’m perfectly happy doing all the work myself and making all that “extra money.”

Brian Self

Nu-Bright Cleaning Services

Andy HarperI would encourage anyone who’s thinking about owning their own business to go with VonSchrader. They’ll support you 100% and steer you onto a path to self-satisfaction and financial stability.

Andy Harper

Andy’s Carpet Cleaning

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the customer service that you have provided to me since the 1st time that we spoke. In my opinion it is unmatched! Von Schrader is a lucky company to have you on their staff and I truly appreciate all of your help.


Truly Dry Carpet Cleaning, Inc

KirbServiceMy background is varied. Growing up I worked on and off at my Father’s auto service business. I graduated college in 1972 and lived in Colorado for several years. I drove truck for a time prior to my last job as a Realtor. When the market tanked I began losing money so I put that behind me. I found that no one was looking for a 50+ worker nor were they willing to pay a living wage so I began looking at franchises. They were all too expensive and still felt like working for someone else. After a year of that I came across VonSchrader. I found it to be a great fit both as far as the investment and, more importantly, the quality of the machines and cleaning process. Seventy five years of made in America was also important. I am also very fortunate that my wife of nearly 27 years is very supportive both emotionally and financially while the business starts to grow. I look forward to owning and operating KirbService until I can no longer work or someone makes me an offer I cannot refuse. VonSchrader has made it possible for me to own and operate, with pride, a business I can truly say belongs to me! With your (VonSchrader’s) continued support, this will be a fun ride.

Thank you all very much!

C.P. Kirby

For the last several years, I have worked as a finance manager. Prior to my current position, I was in the mortgage and real estate business. I have always enjoyed working with people and understood investments, business opportunities, and extensively researched any possible endeavors.

My wife and I discussed and looked into several business opportunities. But, after the research, realized they were high risk and time consuming investments that could deplete our savings.

As I continued my research, I came upon several opportunities with low startup costs and flexibility. These would allow me to continue my full time job and take these on as a side job so I could grow a business at my own pace. Von Schrader was one of the companies I researched. I became more interested in the idea and discussed getting into the carpet cleaning business with my wife and daughter.

Now two years after training with the Von Schrader Company, using their products and cleaning carpets and upholstery, there have been no surprises! Everything Von Schrader said they would do for our company, they have. The associates are very friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to get a hold of as any concerns or questions arise.

From the initial call to their company, the training in Racine, and the purchase of all needed supplies and actual implementation of our own company, my wife and I have grown our company at a comfortable pace. Having a family and full time jobs, cleaning carpet and upholstery has proved to be rewarding and successful for us. Through our hard work along with trial and error, we already have repeat customers, continued referrals, and are expanding based on our comfort level. We are excited to see what the upcoming year brings us as we have increased our advertising through the yellow pages and introduced a website in July, 2011. We know we can count on our relationship with Von Schrader as our company continues to grow!

Chris Georgas

Advanced Cleaning Company

Tony GuthrieI am very passionate about my cleaning business. I know what kind of results to expect each and every time I clean a customers carpet or upholstery with my Von Schrader systems. My customers experience the best cleaning service and that’s why they continue to call me to maintain their carpet and upholstery.

Tony Guthrie

Kleaneasy Carpet Cleaning

Sammy JacksonI have been with the Von Schrader Company since 1986 and it has unmistakably affected my life as well as my family’s lives. Both of my daughters grew up cleaning carpets with me and my wife. Not only did this experience teach them a great deal about life and business, but it also pulled us together as a family since we spent many long days working together as a team. Starting a business with Von Schrader has been for my family a way to get over the hump in life, to feel independence and to be a part of the business world and build success. I now have two mature and successful daughters, a close-knit family and time for my later years thanks to the hard work we did as a family with the help of Von Schrader. Thank you Von Schrader for continually answering any questions and providing support.

Sammy Jackson

Sammy’s Carpet Cleaning

Edna RomanI attended my first Von Schrader “Professional Cleaners School” in Racine, Wisconsin this year although I’ve been using VonSchrader cleaning equipment to clean carpet & upholstery since 1999. I’ve operated my own cleaning service for the past 20 years starting with residential house cleaning and adding commercial accounts along the way. My first commercial cleaning account was a large office/warehouse operation with 4000 square feet of carpeting that needed regular maintenance. My husband helped me on several occasions with the carpet cleaning of this facility using methods that were slow and labor intensive without soil extraction. My husband who was in a career transition read about the Von Schrader Carpet & Upholstery cleaning system in a business opportunity magazine and was interested in the “low moisture extraction process”, and the “no franchise fee” that was advertised. After attending a no obligation “Professional Cleaning School” my husband came home with training manuals and an LMX & VS1 Carpet & Upholstery cleaning systems arrived a few days later. We of course put them to the test right away in the office/warehouse complex and the Von Schrader cleaning system provided deep thorough extraction cleaning on all the carpeted offices, halls, and stairs, while providing fast drying time.

My husband successfully completed his mid-career switch and took a new job in the accounting field, and I began to introduce the carpet & upholstery system to my residential customers. My customer base was very impressed with the deep thorough extraction cleaning process and fast drying time. They were also pleased with the automatic process of the machines that did not require the dragging of messy hoses in from the street. I soon found that a woman owner/operator of a carpet & upholstery business had a unique competitive advantage. The “lady of the house” was very pleased to know a women would be coming into their home, often times when their husbands were out, to provide a service traditionally done by men. I was able to increase my hourly rate by as much as four times my residential cleaning rate, and take control of my schedule to be available for my children after school. After a short time I was so busy with carpet & upholstery cleaning that I no longer offered “residential cleaning service” and added “spot removal” and “on- -the- spot carpet color repair services.

I recently purchased a commercial storefront building on a busy by- pass in our city, and I’m moving toward product sales of environmentally safe cleaning products and supplies. Our recent trip to the “Von Schrader Professional Cleaners School” in Racine WI, was to investigate the “NAVSA Certified Dealer” program” to be authorized to demonstrate the world-renowned Von Schrader equipment to potential buyers (maintenance and facility managers, etc.) in Western NY, and North West PA. Von Schrader’s “Green Seal” “Environmental Certification” is important in our area as recently NY has mandated that all state buildings must use solvents that meet or exceed “Green Seal’s” environmental standards.

I will always do a certain amount of “hands on” carpet & upholstery cleaning as my customers continue to call for service even though I no longer advertise. I would encourage more “women associates” to investigate this opportunity as a viable niche in the multi million dollar maintenance cleaning industry.

Edna Roman

The Cleaning Solution & Supply Company

Jeff's Carpet & Upholstery CleaningJEFF’S Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has just opened its doors in Carson City, Nevada this month. Owner/operator Robert Gentz is a long time associate of Von Schrader, having purchased the VS-1 and VS-2 machines back in 1989. “My wife and I were living in Portage, WI and I was working at the Federal Correctional Institution in Oxford as a Correctional Officer at the time. We were looking to supplement our income and the Von Schrader opportunity looked pretty good to us. We drove to Racine on a day off and Herb was kind enough to demonstrate how the machines worked. We bought our machines on the spot.”

Shortly after purchasing his first machines Bob took on a new job in Federal Law Enforcement as an Inspector with U.S. Customs in San Diego, California. The San Diego border crossing is the largest land border crossing into the U.S. and working 80 hours per week didn’t leave time to continue the carpet cleaning business. Subsequent tours of duty with U.S. Customs in Idaho, Alaska, Minnesota, and New Mexico also kept Bob from pursuing his business interests. “I kept abreast of what was happening in the cleaning industry during those years thru the Between Cleanings quarterly publications. Obviously, I also had really clean carpets at home ( Heh Heh ) and I did some cleaning for other friends from time to time.”

Bob retired from his Law Enforcement duties this past spring and returned to his home in New Mexico. After being on the road for thirty five years with the Federal Gov’t, Bob and his wife finally had the chance to choose where THEY wanted to live. They chose Carson City and also chose to renew their commitment to starting their own business. “We never lost interest in having our own business and the guys at Von Schrader never lost interest in us. We kept in touch over the years and just this past November I was finally able to attend the professional cleaning school in Racine. Even for a guy like me who has been doing this over 20 years, there were still things I was able to learn and put to use”. Bob purchased new LMX and Espirit machines before leaving Racine and Herb was able to assist Bob with his old VS-1 and VS-2 machine trade in.

Bob Gentz

Jeff’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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