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The Truth About Starting a Business

Here’s something you’re not likely to see on most websites featuring carpet cleaning business start up opportunities…

The Truth About Cleaning Business Start Up

Truth About Starting A Carpet Cleaning Business

Working for yourself is tougher than it looks… But it still beats working for someone else.

Everyone who works for a living deals with long hours, hard work, and demanding bosses. You can’t escape the long hours and hard work, but you can give yourself a promotion and a better reward for all of that hard work. When you work for yourself, YOU’RE the boss. YOU’RE the one who sets the hours. And, YOU’RE the one who’ll reap the benefits.

Buying a franchise is no guarantee of success.

People who sell franchises act like owning a franchise is easy instant money. (Well, considering that they charge $10,000 – $100,000 plus ongoing fees for a franchise, it IS easy money… for them.) Of course, they don’t mention that plenty of franchisees don’t succeed and have to close their doors.

We don’t sell franchises. For over 70 years, we’ve been helping people — just like you — start and run their own successful professional carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses. Von Schrader Associates enjoy a low initial investment, free professional training, and unlimited ongoing sales and marketing support — and NEVER pay fees or royalties.

It turns out that “cleaning up” is one of the best ways to clean up.

When you provide the level of service and quality of carpet and upholstery cleaning that is typical of Von Schrader Associates, you’ll earn the respect and gratitude of your customers. Plus, it’s a great way to earn a living. Von Schrader Associates typically earn $40 or more per hour. That’s certainly something anyone could be proud of.

Few legitimate carpet cleaning business opportunities cost so little and offer so much!

Carpet Cleaning Package

Carpet Cleaning Package

Upholstery Cleaning Package

Upholstery Cleaning Package

I am retired military and started in business when I retired. Thank heaven I did! With the costs of college skyrocketing, we never would’ve been able to put three kids through college without our carpet and upholstery cleaning business. The major portion of the college costs have been paid for with the earnings from our business.

—Walter Stachura, Mississippi

I’ve only been in business for 5 months, but everything is so wonderful — the equipment is so easy to use, the money is great, and the work is so enjoyable — that I intend to make a full career of this business. What I especially like is the satisfaction of my customers. One recent customer was so delighted she paid me more than I quoted!

—Pam O’Malley, California

I highly recommend the Von Schrader system for anyone who needs a cleaning or who wants to get into cleaning. Try it, you’ll love it. We do and so do our customers because they always come back.

—Kimberley A. Talkington
Co-Owner of Talkington Floors

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