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When you need the most thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning, start with Von Schrader — manufacturer of the best cleaning equipment and supplies!

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Von Schrader Cleaning Equipment & Supplies are:

Made with pride in the USA.

With just a few exceptions, all Von Schrader carpet and upholstery cleaning machine parts and electrical motors are manufactured by our own company employees in Racine, Wisconsin. To ensure the highest level of product integrity, we also develop and manufacture all the Von Schrader dry foam cleaning products at our factory.

Used worldwide in some of the finest establishments.

People everywhere need cleaning equipment that’s efficient, dependable, and trouble-free. So it’s not surprising that Von Schrader carpet cleaning machines and cleaning products are shipped all over the world. Von Schrader is currently cleaning some of the world’s finest establishments in 52 different foreign countries.

Processed and shipped on the same or next-day basis.

To preserve customer confidence in a way that enables our customers to assure their customer of the highest quality, any order you make will be handled immediately.

MACH 12 High Speed Extraction System

MACH12 High Speed Extraction System

The MACH 12 literally breaks the speed and performance barrier – leaving all the other carpet and upholstery cleaning machines “in the dirt!” With just the push of a few buttons, you can go from zero to 12,000 square feet of carpet cleaned per hour. Compare that to other “high speed” extraction systems that advertise maximum cleaning rates of 4,000 to 6,000 square feet per hour. The MACH 12 easily finishes first.

With the MACH 12, you’ll be able to clean medium to large carpeted areas four to eight times faster than with conventional equipment. Additionally, regardless of the skill of the operator or the soiling conditions, the MACH 12 helps you easily avoid all overwetting problems that are common with other systems.

Plus, the extra-wide MACH 12 is one of the lightest high-speed extractors on the market. Its semi-self-propelled and brush-assisted system ensures less fatigue and more maneuverability. Simply guide the unit across the carpet, and the machine deep cleans automatically.

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LMX Low Moisture Extraction System

LMX Low Moisture Extraction System - Carpet Cleaning

In the LMX, we did what no one else could: design the ultimate Air Cell Extraction System™. It’s not only quieter, more rugged and faster, but more mobile and maneuverable. The LMX is the most technologically advanced system ever built for super fast cleaning, super fast drying and super deep-cleaning of carpet. We think you’ll agree.

The LMX system applies Air Cell Extraction System™ cleaning solution with an exclusive full bristle brush, gently loosening soil. The emulsified soil is immediately extracted with a built-in vacuum; all in one forward pass, by one person. Not only are carpets deep-cleaned faster, they dry faster than with any system.

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Esprit™ Upholstery Low Moisture Soil Extraction System

Esprit Upholstery Low Moisture Soil Extraction System

The Esprit system is simply one of the most versatile pieces of cleaning equipment available. Finally, keeping upholstered furnishings at a maximum appearance level is no longer a source of frustration and disappointment.

This highly portable unit (only 33 Ibs.) safely cleans virtually all upholstery fabrics. Plus, it can also be used to clean stairways and carpet covered areas, where maneuvering space is limited. It can even be used on fabric-covered walls and partitions, automobiles, vans, aircraft and ships or boats.

Truly, the Esprit machine meets upholstered furniture maintenance challenges in a most professional – and economical way.

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Aridex Upholstery Low Moisture Extraction System

Aridex Upholstery Low Moisture Extraction System

The newly introduced Aridex is the smaller twin of the Esprit. Designed with a smaller footprint and with its lighter weight it’s aimed at the contractor who specializes in the domestic market in cleaning smaller confined areas.

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VersaTile Cleaning System

VersaTile Cleaning System

The VersaTile System cleans all types of walls and ceilings faster and better at less cost. Washable walls and ceilings represent the largest cleanable space in many commercial buildings. Conventional cleaning methods are too costly and time consuming. The VersaTile System is the answer! It washes walls and ceilings 4 times faster than by hand. The cost of wall detergent is exceptionally low for 8 hours of cleaning. That’s true value on every cleaning job you do.

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