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Our People

At Von Schrader, we believe a company is only as good as its people. That’s why we’ve got the very best.

Ernie Middleton, President

Ernie Middleton

Ernie has a commitment to provide world class service and support for our customers and business partners. He believes that developing unique high quality carpet and upholstery products with outstanding performance is a key part of our manufacturing directive. Our motto is, “be a sustaining resource to both customers and business partners. It is essential to the way we serve the market.”

Herb Meyer, Vice President of Operations

WHerb Meyerith experience and expertise in technical applications of Von Schrader cleaning systems, Herb puts his unique understanding to work in all phases of Associate operations.

Mark Marzahl, Director of Operations

Mark MarzahlMark oversees the Von Schrader Professional Cleaners School as well as assisting Associates daily with their many varied questions.

Jorge Contreras, Technical Support Services

Jorge ContrerasJorge works closely with Associates solving problems or questions related to cleaning equipment and technical concerns. Energetic and enthusiastic, Jorge is your working partner. ¡Se habla Español!


Margie Pias, Administrator/International Services

Margie PiasMargie is our primary contact for all of our International Distributors and prospective customers for questions, problems, orders, etc….


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