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I Have Been a Von Schrader Associate Since 1998

Dear Von Schrader Company,

I have been a Von Schrader Associate since 1998.  I work full time as a Police Sergeant and have been a police officer for almost 30 years.  I always had the desire to operate my own business.  I wanted a business which I could operate part time on my days off and make good money for the time invested.  The business needed to be relatively low in up front investment.  The Von Schrader carpet cleaning business has been a perfect fit.  When I provide my carpet cleaning service or upholstery cleaning service, I usually average $50 – $75 per hour on site.  I have several hundred clients who are mostly residential and some light commercial accounts.  My clients love the low moisture cleaning process and I have never had an insurance claim made due to damage of a clients carpets or furniture.  I plan on retiring from law enforcement in a few years and will continue to operate my small carpet cleaning business because it is a service that is profitable and in demand.

I own two LMX machines, two Esprit machines and the MACH 12.  The machines have proven to be durable and dependable as long as they are maintained as directed.  I have always had great, friendly service from the people at Von Schrader whenever I need supplies, service or advice.  The extra part time income I have earned has paid for family vacations and helped put my three children through college.  I would recommend the Von Schrader business opportunity to anyone who wants the freedom of owning their own business and is willing to put the time and effort required to be successful.



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