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I just wanted to share with you all…

I just wanted to share with you all how my business is progressing since starting my carpet cleaning business in February of this year. Just to give you my background in the carpet cleaning industry, I had none prior to Von Schrader. I received my equipment and start-up pack in March. I read the material first and used the equipment around my house as well as family members and some close friends of mine for the first couple of months, I felt this approach would give me some experience and practice. Once I felt confident in working with the machine and the carpet cleaning supplies I started to market my business to the public. I landed two apartment accounts in July, with these two accounts I am cleaning about 15 apartment units a month, the average cleaning price is around $79 for a very small 2 bedroom apartment, it usually takes me one hour to clean these units. In August I secured another apartment account. Working part-time, my income is around $1200.00 per month. Monthly income totals are as follows…August-$1000.00, September-$1100.00, October-$1600.00, November-$900.00. This is just doing 4 to 5 jobs per week, so simple!

With the education, support, and first class carpet cleaning equipment and supplies from Von Schrader, I am a carpet cleaning professional. My business is growing very fast, at times I feel my current job is getting in the way of my carpet cleaning business, next year I will be letting my job go and will go full time with my business. I really saw the big picture when I secured a bid from a large commercial building, 9000+ square feet of carpet to clean, the owner fired the old carpet cleaners because of poor cleaning and stains returning with their big truck-mount steam cleaning method.I submitted a bid for $1100.00, they accepted the bid. I did the work in October, it took me about 7 hours to do the job, I was really concerned if I could pull this off. The owners were so happy and could not believe how great of a job I did on their carpets, they are referring business to me like crazy! And I am happy to say, almost 2 months later no stains have returned.

I am so very proud to be an associate of Von Schrader, I am so thankful for this business. Thanks to all of you guys.

Stan Young
SafeWay Cleaning Solutions

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