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WoolSafe and GreenSeal™ Certification

Von Schrader has received WoolSafe re-certification for the following products:

    • High and Low pH Detergents
    • Before Traffic Lane Cleaner
    • Powder Detergent
    • Spot Remover

    First established in 1991, the WoolSafe Carpet Cleaning Product Evaluation and Accreditation Protocol sets the standards used to evaluate and accredit the chemicals used in the maintenance and cleaning of wool carpets and rugs by describing tests and performance requirements.  As the WoolSafe Standards WS1003: WoolSafe Test Methods states: “Samples are tested to determine acceptable additives, alkalinity, color fastness and re-soiling characteristics and performance.”  These performance criteria are used for accepting and rejecting carpet maintenance products.  The Von Schrader High and Low pH Detergents, Before Traffic Lane Cleaner, Powder Detergent and Spot Remover all meet the standards for the WoolSafe certification and will help you feel confident in pursuing business cleaning on wool carpet and rugs.

    The widely recognized third party certification GreenSeal™ has certified the following Von Schrader Products

    • High and Low pH Detergents
    • Super Concentrate
    • Ultra Concentrate

    You can obtain this logo and further marketing information about the  GreenSeal™  on their website Click on the “green business” tab then click on “using the Green Seal Mark” on the left side of the page.  You will be asked to register to obtain the material.  While you are registering with GreenSeal™ you can find the Von Schrader products under the “GS-37 Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use” product designation.  Then choose Von Schrader as the product manufacturer.

    The GreenSeal™ logo can be used on all of your marketing pieces and is an excellent opportunity for you to promote cleaning to customers who are environmentally conscience.  The mark reads “We Proudly Use Green Seal™ Certified Products.”

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