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New Product Catalog from Von Schrader

Von Schrader’s catalog is available now.

Quality detergents for carpet, rugs, upholstery, and leather are technically detailed and made available for purchase. This catalog is an indispensable resource for finding products that exceed the needs for all of your cleaning requirements. Instructions and guidelines of when to use a product accompany each entry. If you are a Von Schrader customer, or are a new customer looking for higher-value cleaning supplies, download the catalog for quick reference and ordering instructions.

Von Schrader offers much more than just detergents. Our catalog is a full-solution assortment of products designed to ensure your success in the cleaning industry. Our sprayers are no-drip applicators. Brushes are designed for a variety of grooming purposes that situate individual fibers for faster drying or lifting up dirt. Coasters make moving furniture an effortless part of the floor cleaning task.

All of our cleaning equipment is manufactured in our own factory. They are reliable and make difficult tasks manageable. Each one is carefully designed to meet a particular series of challenges. The catalog carefully describes the ideal tasks each unit performs, be they washing walls, floors, compact areas, or wide areas.

Personal safety is just as important as effective results. Von Schrader offers goggles, respirators, and rubber gloves to ensure your comfort and health. Drip sponges, clothes, and mats protect target areas that might become exposed during routine tasks.

Business cards, presentations, binders, and cards are all useful in promoting your trade. Educational supplies can be purchased to train agents on best techniques. For those that want the best training possible, instructions on how to enroll in Van Schrader’s Professional Cleaning School are included.

Von Schrader’s catalog is much more than a means of purchasing products, it is an ideal reference and guide. Be sure to refer to it often for useful information and instructional material.

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